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Mike Browne

Did his lyrics include the "nnnrrrrrrp" voiced by one of the backup singers? Not as creative as "rock dock ditty ditty bop" that accompanied Kitty Kallen's "Got A Date With An Angel," or even close to "Yip Yip Drim Dop Doom Ditty Bop" on Johnny Raye's "Yes Tonight Josephine," and who of a certain age can forget the Howler monkey soundalike with the Diamonds who sounded like his family jewels were slowly being squeezed in a vise when performing "Little Darlin"? Also, I wondered if Paul Anka ever got to first base with Diana when he sang "I'm so young and you're so old this Diana I've been told" to her? That lyric does not seem to be surefire bra-unsnapper. But then, neither was Mother Goose Jumps with the Rhythmerrors.

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