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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles!!!

I am humiliated by some of my ill-timed descriptors in my posting dated 05/05/2013 at 12:56 PM!! You are NOT ALWAYS autocratic, near-despotic and dictatorial (like B. Hussein)!! Moments after I wrote those extreme words, I read your posting re last weeks Ruttles Riddle solution, "Disoriented". You are indeed a kind and benevolent President (sometimes).

Bill Poindexter

This is not a good idea!! There is no reason you cannot do both, e.g., maintain Sardonika in its present form AND simultaneously express yourselve(s)on YouTube. Unless, of course, your true goal is to purge the Sardonikan Citizenship rolls of contributing Sardonikans who do not do YouTube and further do not always agree with your autocratic, near-despotic, dictatorial principles and practices, traits which also define B. Hussein Obtuseama, your tyrannical and idiotic hero.

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