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President Ruttles

Dear Mr. Poindexter,
I am sure Mr. McGreevy appreciates your congratulations. I hope you are now setting your alarm clock for zero dark thirty.
Your humble servant,
President R. Ruttles.

Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Thank you very much for your kind posting dated 04/12/2013 at 07:18 PM! (Re my last week's entry of Walla Walla).

Also, congratulations to contributor, Mike McGreevy, who posted what will probably be this week's winning entry, above, at, coincidentally at 07:18 hours, albeit during the AM, not PM. What?? I can hardly awaken at 07:18 AM, much less figure out complex, arcane - ((i.e. formulas known only to math PhD's such as President Ruttles and Dr. McGreevy)) - at that incomprehensible hour of the morning!

Admiringly, (yet personally sadly),

Bill Poindexter

Mike McGreevy

Heinz + February = 86

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