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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

I am genuinely disappointed, angered and saddened that Dennis Johnson made that rude, insensitive and inappropriate comment which you reported above. I am similarly affected by your callous and hurtful comments inasmuch as I am proud and filled with self-esteem to have been born and reared in Oklahoma, that magnificent and glorious state which is filled with a myriad of stunning wonders. Further, I am equally proud to have "seen the light" and then, some years ago, extricated myself from the repulsive, ignorant, valueless, depraved and completely evil damakrat party. Remember, there is NOTHING liberal or democratic about ANY present day so-called "liberal democrat". Everything those perverted frauds support and promote further deprives civilization of freedom, liberty, hope and individual dignity.


Bill Poindexter

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