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Bill Poindexter

Great Scott, President Ruttles!!! Are you sure that demonic looking dude, above, peering out with those evil eyes from beneath his wrinkled "Hoodie" is not B. Hussein Obama?? And, that goofy looking dude on his right, with the contrived grin, the hirsute catastrophe(and a little plastic surgery), must be Eric Holder, who, you know, is the first ever U. S. Attorney General without a Law Degree. By the way, have you been listening to the latest infantile, insane comments by ol' Harry Reid about the U. S. Marine Corps and the word du jour of the demakrat party, "sequester"? You, Sir, as the duly seated President of Sardonika, should declare Reid to be personna non grata and confiscate his visa! Best Regards,

Bill Poindexter

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