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Bill Poindexter

Paraphrasing your first sentence above, Pres Ruttleski, the unenlightened, the obsessed, the "intellectually deprived and depraved, (just plain dumb and stupid works well, too), the masochistic, the sadistic, the perverted, the cruel, the insane (criminally and otherwise), the grossly incompetent, completely dishonest, etc morons who voted a few weeks ago for a disgusting Nairobian al quaedan who, unlike the Donald, CANNOT provide a birth certificate proving he "is not a Kenyan". Sadly, all demokrats are nothing more than a mass of cancerous, smelling filth and their only hope of redeeming themselves is to extricate themselves from that poisonous cesspool.

Fondly and with utmost admiration,

Bill Poindexter

kathy stansberry seamans

the world as we know is is doomed - what ever will we do with our Donald and his combover!!

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