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Bill Poindexter

My apologies, President Ruttles!!

Yesterday. in my haste, I confused your "residence" -(I don't know where you live)- with that of your artistic colleague, albeit a much lesser light and talent than you, Mr. Ed Stein who, I recall, used to boast in the Post about living in, some structure I think is called something like a "Denver Square". I'm not sure of the exact appellation of the architectural nightmare but it is a homely compilation or unimaginative right-angles and crude, uncomfortable living (or coping) spaces. Nonetheless, you should follow the prescriptions of your Surgeon General.

Dr. Bill Poindexter

kathy stansberry seamans

SEE - you should have stayed in PoDunk

Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Ever since you appointed me to be Sarconika's Surgeon General, I have been analyzing your glaringly obvious maladies. I am convinced you are afflicted with multiple "(the)Demons Inside Me" (in this case "You") and should be featured on the television show of the same name. Most probably, your internal organ problems stem from the musts, dusts, molds and decays prevalent in the rotting inner-city dwellings where you have, unfortunately, chosen to reside. My forthcoming therapeutic regimen for you will include frequent visits to select salubrious households in Highlands Ranch, a location which will not only cleanse your ailing body but also transform your sadly affected mind of the debiliating SOB-AMA diseases. In the meantime, use your oxygen bottle faithfully and avoid any contact with the most notable and contagious carrier of mental and psychological defects in Colorado, William "Billy" Dean Singleton!

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