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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Congratulations!! You Win!! I spent hours trying to rearrange the letters in Portland Mud to come up with something or somebody related to "mud", but nothing came to mind. Never in a million years would I have related Donald Trump to mud except in the context of him, The Donald, being the victim, not the flinger of mud. So, with true demakrat chicanery, you win. The best candidate, of course, would have been B. Hussein Obama, he of the dirty, twisted and sadistic mind together with the character, pesonality and integrity of a redolent and slime convered sty denizen. But, there were several missing letters in his, Obama's, birth name, the appellation bestowed on him in Nairobi, his birthplace, by an incurable alcoholic, communist sperm donor and a drug addicted gadabout named Stanley. So, the Sardonigram tally is now, "President 1 - Peon 0", but, just wait until next week!

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