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Manuel A Gomez, M.D.

A bad move. Other channels will replace Fox, even Bill has moved to the left supporting Syria bombing. We have nothing to do with them. During a civil war millions of people are killed and numerous times nobody say any thing. Look at the dictadorships in Africa, South America, Germany, etc, etc. Our civil war.


If Bill had put it in a rap song he could have said anything. Why is it that anybody of any color can say anything they want to but a white has to be polically correct. Who are we trying to please? Just wait until we are really controlled. And who do we have to thank?

joe willmon

I do not know who the knot head was that thought that they should fire Bill Oreilly. This nation will wake up some day and I hope that it will not be to late. What about Ails racist statement on this website. "Juan who is black or Hispanic, (note that black was not capitalized), or something". What disrespect, the Black and Hispanic communities should be up in arms and demanding that Ails be fired. Williams should be given a public apology. This comment will probably have men in black suits watching my house, no roon for expressing an honest opinion.

joe Willmon

I do not know who the knot head was that thought firing Bill Oreilly was a good thing, so much for free press. You have just broken the back of Fox news. I hope that Oreilly will sue you. Oreilly came to Williams aid when he was fired; if Williams had anything to do with this situation what a back stabber. I do not support racist statements, we bend over backward to appease the black community when people like D. Glover and J. Fox should have been fired for their racial comments. If you had any brains you would get down on your knees and ask Bill to return, publish an apology and offer him lots more money. My passion for Fox is over, it is just another propaganda source for liberalism. Good by and so long I am going to watch CNN from now on if only Fox whould go off the air the world would be a better place.

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Albert Seegar

Is it hot in here???


Like the Faux logo.

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