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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

My nephew is an Exchange Student, curently studying International Marketing in Prague, and he sometimes emails me for academic help. Today he was assigned to fully identify and name three popular cereals in the U. S. and he was given only three words, Corn ______, Wheat _____ and Rice ______ to guide his research. He is totally puzzled, contacted me and I am equally baffled. Do you think either you or our Sardonikan Policy Institute could fill in the blanks?? Molto Dekuji to you and the Institute!

Bill Poindexter

Dekuji, Pan President Ruttles!!

President Ruttles

Dear Mr. Poindexter,
The Sardonika Policy Institute will czech on that.
Your humble servant,
President Ruttles

Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Did you know that in the Central European city of Prague, an abortion is called a canceled Czech?

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