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Bill Poindexter

That should be "perambulatory" above. My internal spell-check was temporarily turnd off.

Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

You're about 30% right, correct, in your above list - which is close to 300% more correct than you are in all your other opinions, positions, philosophies, etc. Your true and undeniable statements above about the disgusting, slow-witted, putrid B. Hussein Obama are: He's a muslim; communist; Nazi; half-black; was born in Kenya; and walks funny, i.e. , his peculiar perumbuatory gait is said to have developed when he was a practicing member of old Jeremiah Wright's "Down Low" (or similarly named) social club at his, Wright's, mosque in the murky morass called Chicago. Although all of those traits are no doubt endearing to you (since you have been abominably corrupted by that debased, repulsive group called the demakrat party, the refuge of loathsome, hateful and stupid people), all is not necessarily lost inasmuch as I can help salvage you and cronies before you completely destroy civilization and decency. Sign up for you first lesson ASAP.

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