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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Although I struggled mightily with myself throughout most of 2012, your kind and wise counsel finally prevailed and during the weekend before the election, I saw the proverbial light, became a disciple of the democrat party and penned a heartfelt rhyming tribute to B. Hussein.

Ode To BHO

Barrack Hussein Obama!!
Is a loathsome historical glitch.
He was sired by some damned Kenyan commie'
An "dammed"by some Wichita witch!
His history's shrouded in mystery,
Like "Das Herr Schicklgruber of yore.
I warn the world to be wary!!
Like frauds have deceived us before!

Now he might have been born in Nairobi
Or Calcutta or in Mandalay
But! It's indisputably certain
THAT! It was NOT in the US of A!!!

So now, near the 6th of November,
I ask one and all to remember!
That this garrulous fake
With the soul of a snake
Will soon be Histr'y's
Ash heap's new member!

Mike Browne

Has the Tea Party switched to tequila for the duration of the Obama presidency?

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