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Bill Poindexter

Dear President Ruttles,

Actually, Sir, "The Sub Woofer" in your September 29, 2012 message, is probably one of the BEST puns of the year!

You owe it to yourself, Mr. President, to read the BEST COLUMN OF THE CENTURY printed at the top of page 21A of the Thursday, September 27,2012 edition of The Denver Post, titled "A Blasphemy On Free Speech?" authored by your beloved colleague, the inimitable Mike Rosen!! Every word and thought in the essay is a gem of wisdom and especially poignant is the witty and pithy final sentence of the top paragraph in the third collumn wherein Dr.Rosen, speaking about muhammed, and for 6,000,000,000 non-muslims in this fractured world, cleverly opines, "You might say they're at a loss to see him as a prophet." Please, the next time you and Mr. Rosen meet socially, convey my compliments, as well as your own, to him.

Thank you Mr.President. Your faithful countryman, Bill Poindexter

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