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President Ruttles

Dear Mr. Carter,

Thank you for pointing out Dr. Moses' bigotry and use of stereotype regarding his claim that Jesus may have looked Middle Eastern. It is despicable. The next thing you know he may impugn sub-Saharan Africa by claiming most of its citizens are dark-skinned, or China, by casting a broad net and calling most of them them dark-haired, or Scandinavia, painting them with a broad brush as fair-skinned and speaking in indecipherable tongues.

Clearly you are on to something here.

First, I will see to it that Dr. Moses is immediately dismissed as head of the Sardonika Policy Institute's Religious Studies Department and second, I will immediately ban satire from Sardonika.

Come visit any time. You and political correctness are always welcome.

Rosford Ruttles

robert carter

Well you could be right, I think those cats from the middle east all look the same with their robes and beards, also jews and Arabs are all the same race except for the religions they follow , plus they are all as mad as cut snakes ,so yes you are right He looked like that .

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